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What is RamCare?

We are glad you asked! We asked ourselves: as parents, students, guardians and family members of the URI community, what peace of mind would we want for our URI bound individual in terms of technology? What can we offer to take the stress, anxiety and concern out of owning a laptop here in college? How can we create a bundle of the best services out there to provide the maximum security for our products? We found ourselves looking at four main components:

  1. Accidental Damage Protection
  2. We understand that sometimes, things just happen! Whether its a drop off the top bunk or a friend accidentally knocking over a cup of coffee, accidents surrounding technology happen. So, it makes sense to have some sort of coverage that protects against accidents before they happen. Often times, that leads to questions like: which is the best plan? Are there deductibles? How long does coverage last? How do I know that I'm getting the best deal? To us, that's our role and our responsibility has a University owned and operated Campus Store. As a result, all of our RhodyReady Computers (when purchased with RamCare) come with a 4 year, deductible free, accidental damage protection plan either through the vendor themselves or a trusted third party. We handle the registration here in the store, and we handle the claims process, if an accident were to occur.

  3. Theft Coverage
  4. We like to be upfront about this one: Laptops are valuable. Not only in dollars and cents but also in terms of your schoolwork, your time, and that dreaded phone call to mom and dad. It may not be on campus, and it may not be when or where anyone expects it, but theft can happen. RamTech is committed to helping in any way we can to both deter and prevent theft from taking place. As a result, all RhodyReady Computers (when purchased with RamCare) come with a 4 Year LoJack for Laptops Coverage Plan. We are happy to assist with setting up an account and teaching you how the program works and are always committed to helping provide you with vital information and point you in the right direction, if a theft were to ever occur.

  5. Loaner Access
  6. Having your computer in for service for any reason can be stressful. What about that assignment due next week? What if I can't get to a computer lab in time? We want to help solve that. If your computer is checked in for service, we are happy to provide you with a Loaner Laptop of similar make to help provide you with peace of mind that you're never without a working machine. Once your repair is done, simply return the loaner and receive your machine back!

  7. Unlimited Hardware and Software Repairs
  8. Computer repair can be pricey. From hardware labor to software troubleshooting, its hard to know how much certain jobs are going to cost to get done. With all RamCare Plans, you receive unlimited hardware and software support throughout your 4 years at URI. Over the phone, in person and online, we are always happy to answer any tech question and solve any issue you have.

For one price, you are covered for all that may come up during college life. If you ever have an issue of any kind, our Service Team is located on the bottom floor of the Memorial Union to assist you personally in determining the best solution for any problem.

What is the cost?

Purchasing your computer through RamTech

When you purchase your computer through RamTech at URI, you are eligible for one of the following three plans based on the cost of your computer. All plans include 4 years of Accidental Damage Protection, Theft Coverage, Loaner Access and Unlimited Hardware and Software Support.

Eligible computers:
Dell Inspiron 15 5000
Dell Inspiron 13 7000
Price: $299

Eligible computers:
Apple MacBook Airs
Apple 13" MacBook Pros
Price: $349

Eligible computers:
Dell XPS 13
Dell XPS 15
Microsoft Surface Devices
Price: $429


Bringing your computer from home

When you bring your computer from home, we offer RamCare Lite for all brands! RamCare Lite includes 4 years of Loaner Access and Unlimited Hardware and Software Support.

Eligible computers:
Any Computer we Sell or
Any Computer Brought from Home!
Price: $249